Freedom From Anxiety


Do you feel consumed with worry and are unable to cope with the stress of life? Do you feel you need more skills to cope with anxious thoughts or feelings? Begin the journey towards freedom from anxiety in this six week group which will explore anxiety using an integration of Christian faith and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Using psychoeducation, group discussion, and worksheets we will: 1) Define anxiety and anxiety disorders 2) Explore symptoms and causes of anxiety from a holistic perspective (biological, psychological, social and spiritual) 3) Create foundation of self-care that will maintain long-term wellness 4) Using both spiritual and CBT principles teach coping tools such as relaxation, thought monitoring and challenging, transforming mistaken beliefs, boundaries and assertiveness and communicating needs to others.

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Event Details

  • Oct 5
    7:00 pm
    Nov 9
    8:30 pm